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  • 'Its Time to Reform US Dairy Industry,' Says NFU
    US - June is National Dairy Month, making it a good time to highlight the important role family dairies play in the global food system, while also reflecting on the economic difficulties that America’s dairy farmers are currently facing.

  • Dairy Sector Seeks Withdrawal of Taxes
    PAKISTAN - The Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA) has written a letter to the Prime Minister and Adviser to the Prime Minister requesting the withdrawal of a 10-percent sales tax on Fat Filled Milk products classified under the Eighth Schedule of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

  • RSPCA Files Complaint Over Alleged Mistreatment of Cattle
    AUSTRALIA - RSPCA Australia has lodged a formal complaint with the federal Department of Agriculture after receiving images and footage revealing allegedly brutal treatment of Australian cattle live exported to Israel on board the notorious ship Maysora.

  • Seaweed Feed Additive Cuts Livestock Methane but Poses Questions
    US - Supplementing cattle feed with seaweed could result in a significant reduction in methane belched by livestock, according to Penn State researchers, but they caution that the practice may not be a realistic strategy to battle climate change.

  • Costs, Weather Hit Dairy Farmer Confidence and Profits
    AUSTRALIA - Costs are crippling the nation's dairy farmers with only a third positive about the future of the industry.

  • Serbian Pork, Dairy Products Soon to be Exported to China
    SERBIA - Serbian Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic and Deputy Head of China's General Administration of Customs Zhang Jiwen signed on Monday in Belgrade agreements enabling exports of Serbian pork and dairy products to China as well as a memorandum on cooperation on imports and exports of food products and on food safety.

  • Rinsing System in Stomach Protects Teeth of Ruminants
    SWITZERLAND - "Field-grazing animals always eat some earth and dust along with the plants," says Jean-Michel Hatt, professor at the Clinic for Zoo Animals, Exotic Pets and Wildlife.

  • Japanese Dairy Firm to Set Up Sales in Philippines
    PHILIPPINES - Dairy product trader Lacto Japan Co. is foraying into the Philippines to meet growing dairy demand there.

  • Potential Impacts of ASF on Dairy
    GLOBAL - As the world’s largest pork producer China accounts for around 50 percent of pork production globally.

  • SL Dairy Cattle Imported from Australia in 2017 Afflicted with BVD
    SRI LANKA - In a bid to boost the local dairy industry, the government had imported over 20,000 high-yielding milch cows from Australia in 2017, but most of them were found afflicted with Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD), it was revealed yesterday at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate corruption of the current administration.

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