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Mobile Farmers’ Market to Bring Healthy Food Choices to Different Parts of Merced County

If you look out your window and happen to see a bright green semi-truck painted with happy fruit, vegetables and a grinning cow drive by, no, you are not seeing things!

Just put on your jacket and get ready for your weekly visit from the Mobile Farmers’ Market, which will be coming soon to your neighborhood to bring you fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

The Mobile Farmers’ Market has been created by a new 501 (c) (3) organization, Make Someone Happy, to help address the severe problems of obesity among Merced County residents.  With approximately one-third of all adults in Merced County and their children facing high rates of obesity, they are also at an extremely high risk for developing life-threatening chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, including diabetes, coronary heart disease and colorectal cancer.

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Modesto Bee Visits TASTES

OAKDALE – This is the corn that feeds the cow that gives the milk that makes the cheese.

That story line was the topic Tuesday for 15 teachers learning how to put farm-related science into their lessons.

They visited a feed mill, a dairy farm and a cheese plant as part of the sixth annual Teacher Agricultural Science Technology Education Seminars (TASTES).

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Ag in Motion bringing ag science to area classrooms

The Ag In Motion program has been a great success in bringing Ag Science to local classrooms.  Read an update on the program's success.


Educating consumers on the benefits of shelf safe milk

Milk Unleashed has launched! It’s a campaign to educate moms on the importance of dairy, and offer easy ways to incorporate more milk into their families’ diets with shelf safe milk.   It’s sponsored by Tetra Pak, makers of shelf safe cartons for milk, juice, soup, broth and other products.

Shelf safe milk is Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened, thanks to ultra pasteurization and the special Tetra Pak carton.  This eco-friendly packaging preserves all the wholesome goodness of milk and helps kids get the vitamins and nutrients of milk anytime, anywhere.


The Importance of Milk: You Can Easily Take It for Granted

On most days, millions of Americans jump out of bed, take a quick shower and grab a bowl of cereal before they start their commute. They never think about the significance of this ordinary routine, which is why I bring it up as we observe National Dairy Month, which kicked off with World Milk Day on June 1. Our quality of life comes from the little things we take for granted -- from a bed to sleep in, running water for a shower or the milk to pour on cereal.

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